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Hi, I'm Wendy Gilhula. I help kids learn how to talk about their feelings with bravery and kindness.  

Nominated for the SCBWI Golden Kite Awards



"This is such a sweet and impactful story about finding one’s voice. When we take leadership in our lives, we encourage others to do the same. It is so imperative to teach our young people to speak truth to power. This story does just that in a simple and touching way." Katherine Kendall 


"Pika Bunny and the Thunderstorm is a beautiful book. Where else can you learn Spanish and at the same time learn how to deal with a universal problem, fear? With tenderness, colorful artwork, and a timeless topic, all of us can benefit from a few warm moments of reading this delightful book."  Marla DeLong

About the Author

Wendy Gilhula is an educator, writer, and author of the Pika Bunny book series. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Tennessee, Wendy has created an innovative learning series that teaches understanding and kindness. Pika Bunny and the Thunderstorm (2017), Pika Bunny Has a Big Question (2018), and Pika Bunny Says EEP! (2019), feature life lessons children often face in a complicated world and presents tools to help them navigate such complexities with bravery, understanding, and kindness. Ms. Gilhula’s books are a yearly feature at the New York City Book Expo America and Book Con. Ms. Gilhula has devoted her career, spanning over twenty years, to helping children. A former dance teacher, she has specialized in supporting creative expression. As a math tutor, Ms. Gilhula has a unique ability of relating to children in a way that promotes excellence. Her books have been recommended by therapists, counselors, activists, and teachers alike. 


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This beautiful tale will be a new bedtime favorite.

I enjoyed traveling through this sweet story with Pika Bunny while his mother comforted his fears. Wendy Gilhula's beautiful tale describes how thunderstorms are nature's way of providing for all of us in the animal world. Adrianna Allegretti's enchanting illustrations will captivate the imagination and attention of little ones and allay their fears.

Instant favorite!! Love the simple message of this book! The story is heartwarming and illustrations are rich and full of surprises!


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