Write Kind Podcast iHeartRadio S2:E5 & E6: MORE Basics, Fear of Failure for Writers: + SAMPLE OFFER!

Hi, Write Kind-ers!

Thank you so much for your support because YOU have made the Write Kind Podcast available on iHeartRadio, and I am so grateful!!!

Check out E5 from last Friday and E6 this week.

To celebrate I am creating this offer.

Want a sample of a Power Hour?

Book a critique session with me to have your first 10-pages of your picture book or children's novel reviewed.

What will you get?

~I'll give you a sample of how I use my Power Hour to evaluate your story to point out the strengths and where your story may need help.

~We will have a Zoom call where I will give you the feedback publishers and agents just don't have the time to give you.

~Confidentiality 100%

I don't want you to get rejected by your target audience, agents, or publishers.

A sample may just be what you need to get your books into the hands of more kiddos who will love your work.

If you are interested, email info@wendygilhula.com with, "Me, please," in the subject line, and get a sample of a Power Hour for only $97.

I can't wait to find out what you have been working on lately.

Reserve your sample session NOW! info@wendygilhula.com


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