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Write Kind Podcast iHeartRadio S2:E5 & E6: MORE Basics, Fear of Failure for Writers: + SAMPLE OFFER!

Hi, Write Kind-ers!

Thank you so much for your support because YOU have made the Write Kind Podcast available on iHeartRadio, and I am so grateful!!!

Check out E5 from last Friday and E6 this week.

To celebrate I am creating this offer.

Want a sample of a Power Hour?

Book a critique session with me to have your first 10-pages of your picture book or children's novel reviewed.

What will you get?

~I'll give you a sample of how I use my Power Hour to evaluate your story to point out the strengths and where your story may need help.

~We will have a Zoom call where I will give you the feedback publishers and agents just don't have the time to give you.

~Confidentiality 100%

I don't want you to get rejected by your target audience, agents, or publishers.

A sample may just be what you need to get your books into the hands of more kiddos who will love your work.

If you are interested, email with, "Me, please," in the subject line, and get a sample of a Power Hour for only $97.

I can't wait to find out what you have been working on lately.

Reserve your sample session NOW!


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