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Still Haven't Written Your Children's Book? No More Excuses...Season 3 is COMING!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hello, Write Kind-ers!

I’ve been listening to your coHemments and have been working hard 😓 for you on Season 3 of the Write Kind Podcast...coming soon.✏️♥️

Many of you have requested a step-by-step PLAN to write your picture books so I’ve decided to show you week-by-week...the steps I take to create a 32-page picture book in Season 3 of the Write Kind Podcast.

⭐️You will learn a creative process and apply the necessary framework so your books will be more marketable.

⭐️You will have moral support each week while listening to each episode.

⭐️You will learn how I hire illustrators.

⭐️You can create your own IP and your own picture book story.

⭐️Already have a story written?

Request a 30-min consultation to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your WIP for children and where to focus next.

CONTACT me today!


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