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How To Level Up Your Main Character (Free PDF)

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Hey, Write Kinders!

Welcome to The Write Kind Clubhouse.

I've been busy preparing this free PDF for YOU!

Listen to episode 7 of the Write Kind Podcast where I interview the talented storyteller, Brian Roy. We discuss characters and how we relate to them as individuals.

So how can you develop a well-rounded character?

I've attached a free worksheet to help you!

Be sure to listen to S1:E7 of the Write Kind Podcast either before or while you explore your main character.

MCworksheet Write Kind Podcast Write Kin
Download • 89KB

MCworksheet Write Kind Podcast
Download DOCX • 200KB

Be sure to support the Write Kind Podcast and become an official Clubhouse Member. As an official member, I will answer one of your big questions for a future episode.


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