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BONUS Episodes: Updates about My Current Journey with My Newest Children's Book Manuscripts

Hello, Write Kind-ers!

I've created a new series of BONUS episodes so you can follow me on my publishing journey for my 6th and 7th children's book manuscripts.

If you want a hint of the secret life of submitting queries and manuscripts, here it is! Good news or not-so-good news (let's hope more of the former), I will keep you updated so you can get a sense of what it might be like if you want to try to get traditionally published.

Everyone's journey is unique. Most published authors go through ups and downs with each manuscript...even if they are bestselling authors. (They don't TELL you this, but it's true in many cases.)

So far I have had traditional contracts with a hybrid publisher. Let's find out together what I decide to do with my next books!

Thank you for listening. I hope to provide you support and kindness for your own journey.

Ready to polish your manuscript with creative feedback before you send it out? You only get ONE chance to submit to each agent or publisher.

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No problem. Click HERE for details and referrals from satisfied clients.

See you in the Write Kind Clubhouse SOON!


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