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Power Hours

You’re here because you're looking for

creative feedback while protecting your

intellectual property.

  • You’ve reached out to a published author for kind, creative exchange, only to receive impatient misdirection or simple corrections of your grammar.

  • You’ve created something and looking for a cheerleader, but hear only chirping crickets in return.

  • You’ve been afraid to share your story with the wrong people and allow your intellectual property to become shared property.

  • You need direction to guide you toward your dream of holding your own children’s book in your hands.


It’s not your fault.

I’ve created The Pika Bunny Power Hour to help you with your creative challenges.

What can you expect from a Power Hour with me?

I’ll ask big questions to help you discover the big answers you’re seeking in your story. Depending on your manuscript needs, each one-hour call may cover one or more of these focused topics:​

  • The important first sentence

  • Illustrations

  • Supplemental content

  • Check-in on story progress

  • Finding your target market

  • Story strategy

  • The hook for your story

  • Point of view

  • Character development

I can help you get closer to publication day.

Let’s have a free, 30-minute discovery call where we see if we’re a good fit… just a chat to see if we’d like to work together. (No manuscript readings during the discovery call, any intellectual property shares are held strictly confidential, and no sales pressure.)


If we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a full hour where I jump into your manuscript with you and provide kind, creative feedback, and support.


Schedule a discovery call.

Why am I confident that I can help you?

In my lifetime, I've published 5 children's books, created over 200 works of art in writing, dance, and painting. Little of that work found constructive feedback or kind support during the creative development process. I’ve succeeded in my work by learning and gaining professional savvy with each new endeavor. I also have over 17 years of experience as an educator – kindness, patience, and listening are core values of my approach to teaching and I’ll share those with you. Hurdles and pitfalls are many – let me guide you over and around!

Still not sure? Here’s what my recent clients have to share:

I received author consulting services from Wendy in 2020 for my first children's book. Wendy's coaching helped to significantly improve my project. Not only was I trying to cram too much into the book, but Wendy also helped me see I should be writing a series. She also gently pointed out structural issues with my story. Wendy is invaluable to make your project a success and avoid missteps so that you can focus on serving children and their caregivers to the best of your ability.

Kristin A. Sherry: Creator of YouMap® Career Profile, Bestselling Author


I had a check-in visit via @Zoom today with Wendy. WOW! She is so kind, generous, intelligent, and compassionate, helping others and giving great ideas. Thank you, Wendy!

Jeff Kubiak, Author, Elementary School Principal

Working with Wendy was a great experience. While I’m an experienced illustrator, my writing skills still need to mature. Wendy’s insights and writing experience helped make the new story I’m developing to go to the next level. I highly recommend her services.

David Hillman, Published Illustrator, Children’s Book Author

I found Wendy by way of another mutual connection’s post, Kristin A Sherry, the author of YouMap, whom I have much gratitude and respect for. The praise from Kristin meant that I had no hesitation to reach out and make a connection. There is just no room for disappointment here because the evidence of similar values is clearly seen. Wendy is truly authentic. She holds firm to being both personable and professional. Her holistic approach to collaborating in the children’s book space is refreshing and wall-shattering. In my one discovery call and one power hour, I could easily hear or see her creativity and openness. She has a joyful and inquisitive nature that is tremendous when bouncing around ideas to better the direction, intent, and longevity of someone’s work. Anyone curious about entering into the world of children’s books, consider Wendy atop the list to guide you along the journey. 

Christopher Barrett, Aspiring Author

Are you ready to schedule a discovery call with me today? 

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