Write Kind Podcast and PIKA Pottery??


Yes, it's happening. My new pottery addiction has turned into a full launch of a ceramics business.

You heard it.

Your support is overwhelming with over 30 pieces sold so far. Thank you so much! I am grateful for your likes, shares, and purchases.

A portion of the proceeds goes to help save the American Pika via virtual adoptions. Adoption No 2 was just confirmed on December 1.

December promises to be the busiest month of the year!

Support and share my new online shop HERE.

New items load the first Friday of the month and will have a theme or share a color palette.

We also have an addition of a tuxedo kitten named, Iris, who loves to play in The Clubhouse...so get ready.

She has already smashed three ceramic pieces and she is probably just getting started.

Inventory managed.

Season 3 of the Write Kind Podcast is being recorded. I'll be writing my newest picture book, Have You Seen My Tiger, while you create your own story! I haven't shared my creative process before, but am excited to give it a whirl.

Season 3 will be about kindness, creativity, and reaching new goals.

Catch up on Seasons 1 & 2 where you listen to podcasts. APPLE: Write Kind Podcast

January 1, 2021, I can't wait!

Meet us in the Clubhouse...we are waiting for you!

Wendy (Ruby Tuesday, Maddy, & Iris)

Pictured: Iris fell asleep after a day of inventory.


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