Creating Your Writing Space and Mistakes to Avoid S2 E10

Hi, Write Kind-ers!

One mistake I would like for you to avoid is to find a place to organize your stories... right away. How does your space look?

S2:E10 the Write Kind Podcast

I’ve researched countless articles, but it all starts with YOU. How do you DO organization?

How about a pretty desk covered with worn, light green paint and beeswax polished, the wooden chair under the giant shady, apple tree in my backyard…wait…I’m getting carried away.

I do have a giant apple tree in my backyard, but if I had a pretty desk under it…I probably wouldn’t get much done. How about you?

To organize my stories, I use an antique slate chalkboard from an old schoolhouse. The chalkboard hangs on my bedroom wall so I can look at it before I go to sleep and when I wake in the morning.

You can get creative and have inspiring items around you, but they shouldn’t be anything distracting you from doing the real work…

Are you ready to write your picture book?

Season 3 is COMING SOON! I will show you each step of how I write picture books. Let's HOP to it!


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