7 Major Mistakes You Don't Want to Make When Writing and Submitting Your Children's Book Manuscript

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Friday's episode will teach you about a critical framework for your children's book manuscript, summarized in 7 Major Mistakes You Don't Want to Make When Writing and Submitting Your Children's Book Manuscript:

1. You don't know the exact market you’re targeting and the exact ages you are speaking to while using the correct word count.

2. You think your book applies to all children. If you do, then your subject is too broad and won't appeal to as many as you would like.

3. You don't have a sparkling story hook.

4. You did not format your book correctly using the power of 8s.

5. You did not use the correct story framework, including the power of 3: inciting incidents in your storyline. (Don't know what those are? Listen here to find out.)

6. You didn't have a professional consultant review your manuscript and illustrations before submitting them.

7. You were not patient when you submitted your story for self-publishing or traditional publishing. You must take the necessary time with the process and get professional guidance to help ensure your book's launch day is more successful.

Allow me to elaborate on this last issue a little further:

Someone must review your manuscript and storyline. Make sure it is a professional consultant. Your friends who are teachers and librarians probably haven’t published a bestselling children’s book. It's not their fault.

Friends do not want to seem unsupportive and may not give you the honesty with kindness you need.

This week I met another author forgoing a consultant, and her children's book (on launch day) had 20 grammatical issues and storyline inconsistencies with the illustrations.

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